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About us

“Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” is a famous saying. Our story also started with the first step taken by our founder way back in the year 2005 when he left the comfortable life of a well to do company employee in Mumbai & took the challenge of setting up something of his own. This started from Ankleshwar on a humble note then but with a vision to be somebody in near future serving the demanding needs of large Indian & Multinational Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical and other industries and strive to put forward a global footprint. He put efforts tirelessly with the help of his team of engineers and managers- which resulted in making FIDICON DEVICES INDIA a brand to reckon with. Over the years they had kept on adding new products, solving not only urgent maintenance and servicing needs of clients but also helping them in indigenizing their components providing similar or better quality at a considerable cost benefits.

Today FIDICON is not only fulfilling the needs of local markets but does considerable of its business from exports to Middle East, North America (USA & Canada), Europe etc. These include Process Control, Safety Equipment & Measuring Instruments like Breather Valves, Flame Arresters, Safety Relief Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Pressure Reducing Stations, Strainers, Pipe Line Strainers, Sight Flow Indicators, Manometers, Side & Top Mounted Level Switches, Gauge Hatches, Metal Tube Rotameters, Glass Tube Rotameters, Purge Rotameters, By Pass Rotameters, Orifice Flange Assemblies, Liquid Level Indicators and many more.

Fidicon is very much focused on customer service and gives urgent attention to their needs. It has a 24X7 service with a toll-free number where customers can reach and ask for solution of urgent, special and long term needs. The design, development, production, quality & service departments are backed by dynamic, talented and dedicated team of engineers and managers with an eye to details of everything they do.


2002 - 2005

In this period the company struggled with apex effort in field of manufacturing and some of the trading products with good quality & fulfilling customers demand competing several renounce brands..

2005 - 2007

since the period, the company developed several products and started manufacturing Process Control & Measurement and Safety Equipment in year of 2005, such as Variable Area Flowmeters, Control Valves, Breather Valves, Flame Arresters, Pressure Safety Valves, Level Indicators etc..

2007 - 2014

since the period between 2007 to 2014, we added few new products to our manufacturing scope such as Pressure Reducing Valve, Gauge hatch, Emergency Vent Valve, Level Transmitters, PRS System, etc..

2014 - 2019

Company developed its manufacturing unit, with enormous Hi-Tech machines & automation tools, safety gears, quality measuring instruments along with training to the employees to curb the demands of customer with high quality and optimum price..

2019 - 2022

company kept expanding its portfolio along the wide range of solutions oriented products and service offerings to the valuable customers and Fidicon endeavors to supply them within committed delivery time. company has been growing and it’s converted to the private limited entity in 2021. company has enhanced design and research and development departments, and since providing customers solutions like never before, company has expanded more in terms of production capabilities..


Starting with initiation, then growth, development, progress and finally sustainability are the product of a great leadership. Fidicon Devices India is also no exception. Under the leadership of our founder Mr. Munna Singh Fidicon was initiated, grown & developing now as well as working on progress & sustainability in terms of putting global footprint, creating international customer base, addition of new products and also giving value added service to its existing national and international customers. For him customer is first, come what may, second is his belief in the philosophy of “Organization is bigger than individuals.” These keep his team focused on building systems in every spheres of activities- be it manufacturing, quality, service, customer & vendor relations- keeping eyes on safety & health of all stakeholders in general and for all employees in particular. His product innovation efforts have always driven keeping environment protection and safety & hazard control aspects in minds of his team. Transparency in all activities & a communication style in which he listens first to all & speaks last, are other leadership qualities that inspires all in his circle. He spends considerable time and efforts in grooming the present & future leadership roles.

Our Mission

  1. To organize and utilize all resources like human resource, technology, management systems, infrastructure & finance in creating FIDICON DEVICES INDIA PVT. LTD as a world class manufacturing company.
  2. To create an organization where creativity, innovation, modernization go parallel with design, manufacturing, inspection, testing and quality assurance activities applying TQM in principle in all our activities.
  3. Be a good corporate citizen abiding by the statutory and regulatory requirements of the government of countries where we plan to operate in.
  4. Put all our efforts in keeping the environment clean and employing excellent control mechanism for safety & health of people involved in all our activities for all the time as an ongoing process.
  5. Our human resource to be the driving force for achieving day to day & all the above targets.

Our Vision

To make FIDICON DEVICES INDIA PVT. LTD a world class manufacturer and preferred choice of worldwide customers for our Process Control, Measuring Instruments, Safety Equipment and accessories by putting all out efforts employing best business experiences through relationship built on integrity, success built on performance, fueled by a commitment for continual improvement personally & professionally and make FIDICON a brand to reckon with in the world.

Social Responsibility

Fidicon Devices India Pvt. Ltd is dedicated to Protection of Environment, Gender Equality, Energy Conservation, Reduction of Waste etc all.

For the society at large we are arranging Blood donation camps along with Indian Red Cross and also have Free Eye Check ups for economically weak people living nearby.

with limited availability of land, we have planted good numbers of plants outside as well as inside our plant with introduction of a variety of plants in a large numbers of pots.

We cover all our employees under medical insurance, annual medical health check- up and feedback. We are also an equal opportunity employment provider and have Code of Conducts in our organisation Our products are such that it ensures safety and prevention of harmful, toxic or corrosive material discharge, fire prevention etc. during the process cycles of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Energy and a host of other industries.

Our products not only ensure safety of the equipment and machines but also ensures personnel safety.

We have taken improvement projects ensuring reduction of reactive power, finding possibilities of energy conservation by the application of solar power, use of battery-operated vehicles for material movement etc.