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Float And Board Level Indicator

Float & Board type level gauge is a weighing liquid level measuring system applicable for non-pressurized storage tanks/vessels. It is basically a balanced counterweight system with an arrow shaped pointer which smoothen the indication process.

The working principle of Float & Board level indicator is based on the buoyancy principle and is linked as per balanced counter weight system. Float inside the tank and counter weight (scale pointer) connected by the rope wire which is moving freely on the pulley assembly. When the storage tank is empty position, the float located inside the bottom of the scale pointer located at zero level on external scale. If the liquid level rise in the tank, the float moves upper side and scale pointer move downward on the graduated scale to show liquid level inside the storage tank. If liquid level turbulence inside the tank use float guide rope wire assembly with anchor for stability of float.

Flanged, Threaded
ASTM A216 GR. WCB(CS), SS 316, SS 304, FORGED STEEL ASTM A105, ALUMINIUM, PP, SS 316L, SS 304L, PTFE, RUBBER, CAF, FEP, and other as per customer requirement.