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Fork Type Level Switch

Process Control Devices offers a series of level switches designed to detect & control the level of liquid within a tank. The tuning fork type level switches working principle based upon detecting the change in harmonic vibration frequency of the sensing element as a result of the presence of the target media. Tuning fork level switch operated by using two piezoelectric elements built in on vibration tube.

The first piezoelectric element triggered by a pulse signal that created from circuit to transport vibration energy out and the other piezoelectric element receives the vibration and transmits it to output electric signal. When the probe comes into contact with the fluid, it will cause the frequency change of output signal and the vibration will hold and send out the relay on at the same time. Tuning fork of the level switch provides reliable & maintenance-free for bulk solids. This device can withstand static electricity. & Fiercely lateral loads.

Threaded, Flanged, Tri-Clamp.
SS 316, SS 304, ALUMINIUM, PP, SS 316L, SS 304L, PTFE, RUBBER, CAF, FEP, and other as per customer requirement.