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What is Float And Board-Level Gauge | Benefits of Level Gauge

FIDICON is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing Float and board level gauge (Model NO. FDI-FBLI-401) in India since 2002 years of designing, manufacturing, installation and service of the same. Level gauge manufactured by FIDICON are user friendly and easy to install. It comes in many ranges and can be tailor made as per […]

What is Orifice Plate? Types of Orifice Plates, Advantages, Limitations

It is a device used for measuring flow rate, for pressure reduction or for flow restriction (for this reason it is also called a restriction plate). Orifice Plate Depending on the calculation associated with the orifice plate either a volumetric flow or mass flow rate may be determined whenever needed. Measurement of flow rate using […]

What is Reflex Level Gauge? Components, Installation & Advantages

It is a level gauge that provides safe and direct observation of fluid level in tank/vessel either rising or falling of the fluid under high temperature & pressure inside a specified system.   Reflex Level Gauge: A visual fluid level indication can be observed through Reflex Type Level Gauge. One side surface of Reflex Glass […]

Rotameter- Working Principle, Uses, Pros, Cons, and Handling

A rotameter variety known as a rotameter is also referred to as a variable area flowmeter. In commercial settings, it is used to gauge the velocity of air and liquids (such as water, oil, and others). In addition, it is utilised in medical devices like anaesthesia machines, oxygen tanks, and concentrators. The height and shape […]

What Are The Types Of Level Gauges And Their Applications?

What is Level Gauges? An instrument used to measure the volume of liquid in a stationary storage or processing tank is a level gauge. A gauge’s parts include the head, float, tape, bottom anchored bracket, guidance wires, elbows, anchors, coupling, pipe support brackets, and pipework. When using Level gauges, the Liquid Level Gauge Calibration is […]

Rotameters: Types, Applications, Benefits

Rotameter is a flow meter used to measure the flow rate of a liquid or gas. It works on a simple operation wherein a liquid or gas passes through a tapered tube and a float rises. The flow of the liquid or gas raises the meter’s float, increasing the area through which the media may […]

Everything You Need To Know About Rupture Discs?

What is a Rupture Disc? Rupture discs are safety devices with a definite breaking point, which respond to a specific pressure and are used for pressure relief. The system is also known as pressure safety disc, burst disc, burst disc, or burst diaphragm. In many cases, these discs protect the pressure vessel from over-pressurization or […]

What Is A Breather Valve? Its Advantages And Uses!

What is a Breather Valve? A Breather Valve is a safety feature attached to a nozzle opening on top of an atmospheric storage tank with a fixed roof. The valve is one type of relief valve and its main function is to provide sufficient air to the storage tank when the tank is in an […]

What Is A Flame Arrester And How Do They Work?

What Is A Flame Arrester? Flame arresters also called flame arrestors are devices designed to allow the passage of gasses and to prevent flame transmission. Many factors influence the eruption process like the chemical composition of the mixture, pressure waves,pre-compression, and flame propagation speed. But thanks to technology, flame arresters can be applied in various […]