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Uses of Basket strainers in Pumps, Valves & trap


What is a basket strainer?

Quality control is strictly enforced in all industrial processes. If fluids are contaminated during processing, it can result in a substandard or adulterated product, which could prove harmful. This entire problem can be eliminated thanks to the simple technology called a basket strainer. A mesh screen is used by a device known as a basket strainer to remove foreign materials from a horizontal pipeline. These particles are then eliminated from the strainer and won’t enter the equipment farther downstream, such as pumps, valves, and traps. We have discussed how basket strainer works, some common types of basket strainers, and uses of basket strainers.

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How does a basket strainer work?

To protect pipeline equipment from damage brought on by undesirable particles, basket strainers are installed. Unwanted debris consists of waste or foreign particles that got into the process fluid and get filtered by the strainers. Horizontal pipes are frequently utilized with basket strainers. Here the flow capacity of fluid is high.

These strainers are put in upstream equipment such as pumps, control valves, and traps to prevent corrosive or destructive debris from entering the system. To boost filtering, you can use them separately or in series. They may have a single chamber or a complex chamber.

Types of Basket strainers and their applications

Simple Basket strainer

Simple strainers are the most common type of basket strainers. They have an easy-to-install, straightforward design. The construction has a single basket strainer housed inside the pipeline. When the basket needs cleaning, the flow must be temporarily shut off and the basket can be removed for cleaning.


In residential, commercial, and industrial buildings simple basket strainers are employed in plumbing and HVAC system. These strainers can catch sand, sediments, rust, and other foreign particles present in water or fluid used for heating or cooling systems.

Duplex basket strainer

As the name suggests this design incorporates two strainers.  Duplex Basket strainers consist of two strainer baskets and a diverter valve. The flow can be diverted from one basket to the other allowing continuous filtration even during maintenance. This ensures uninterrupted flow in the system. A duplex basket eliminates the shortcomings of a simple basket strainer.


The oil and Gas industry and water treatment plants employ duplex basket strainers where the removal of solid particles from liquids is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and reliability of equipment and processes.

Y strainers

Y strainers are devices for mechanically removing unwanted solids from liquid id, gas, and streaming means of a perforated or wire mesh straining element. Industries which require constant protection from debris are ideal for installing y type of strainer. 


Due to their design, they are suitable for steam traps, liquid, and gas applications. Moreover, they are cost-effective.

Automatic strainers

Automatic strainers incorporate a self-cleaning mechanism, such as a backwashing system to automatically remove debris from the strainer basket without manual intervention.


Automatic strainers are used in water treatment plants to monitor the flow of water and initiate the straining process when the buildup of solids reaches a certain level. Many industries dealing with chemical, paints, coatings, and food processing employ this system.

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Here are some of the uses of basket strainers

Water Filtration

Basket strainers are used in water treatment plants and systems to remove debris, sediment, and larger particles from the water supply before it enters pipelines or other equipment. It guarantees the seamless flow of water at optimal levels.

Industrial process

Many industrial processes involve the use of liquids or gasses that may contain contaminants. Basket strainers help protect pumps, valves, and other sensitive equipment from damage caused by particles present in the process fluid.

Oil and Gas industry

In the oil and gas industry, basket strainers are utilized to remove unwanted particles from crude oil, natural gas, and various process fluids. This prevents equipment from fouling and ensures smooth operation.

Chemical processing

Basket strainers play a vital role in chemical processing plants by filtering out solid impurities from chemical solutions ensuring the purity and quality of the final product.

Food and Beverage Production

In the food and beverage industry basket strainers are used to filter liquids like cooking oil, juices, and beverages to remove particles and contaminants meeting the industry’s stringent standards

Pharmaceutical industry

In pharmaceutical production, basket strainers are used to filter and separate solids from liquids or gasses ensuring the purity and sterility of pharmaceutical products.

HVAC System

Basket strainers are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to protect heat exchangers, cooling towers, and other equipment from debris and impurities present in the circulating water.


Devices called basket strainers use a mesh screener to remove foreign particles from pipelines. Once cleared from the strainer, these particles won’t affect the pumps, valves, and traps that are located farther down the line. Basket strainer comes in a variety of types and ranges making them versatile for every application.