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What is an Emergency vent? Features and Benefits of Venting!


What is an Emergency Vent?

Emergency venting is a pressure relief device designed to protect the tank from being over-pressurized beyond certain limits, so it does not rupture. Now let’s understand the process in detail. The storage tanks need to breathe. They exhale while filling operations and as light warms the shell.


They breathe in during dispensing operations and when cooling at night. The vapor transfer is balanced using standard vents. However, amid unanticipated crises such as fire exposure, equipment malfunction, or operating error, the emergency vent relieves the pressure overload. So the primary function of an emergency vent is to alleviate excessive internal pressure to prevent the tank from bursting or exploding. The absence of a safety provision during an emergency could risk the workers’ lives and destroy property and harm the environment.


The emergency vent is an advanced feature of an emergency pressure relief valve with high flow capacity. The vent is primarily utilized as a safety measure for storage tanks, containers, silos, and inside process engineering equipment, These systems provide reliable overpressure protection. When the tank’s vapor pressure falls below the relief set pressure, this vent avoids impermissible product loss. It is also useful in an emergency to expel large volumes to prevent vessels from bursting.


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What is the difference between a Normal Vent and an Emergency Vent?

Normal venting allows for the equalization of inner and exterior pressures caused by changes in ambient temperature and pressure. Emergency venting refers to a Tytank opening meant to alleviate excess pressure created by a fire exposure to the exterior of a tank.


Why are tanks vented?

There is a need for venting to protect tanks against overpressure due to fire near the tank or other unusual conditions.


  • Tank protection during normal operation.
  • Mandatory to comply with legal requirements.
  • Meet Environmental Regulations.
  • Follow corporate safety standards.
  • Venting minimizes the loss of stored products.


Features and Benefits of Venting

  • Hinged pallets can be manually lifted allowing access to the tank for cleaning and inspection.
  • They are extensively used in bulk storage tanks and digesters.
  • Wide range of options in sizes and materials to suit diverse applications.
  • Range of pressure setting to provide maximum tank protection also ensuring minimum gas loss.
  • Low-cost maintenance.


Principle of Operation


Emergency Relief Vents are installed in storage tanks to allow emergency flow in the event of an extreme venting requirement caused by a fire burning around the tank. This prevents tank explosion by delivering emergency venting from anomalous internal pressures that exceed the pressure relief vents’ capability. If an exterior fire occurs, the vent will open at a predetermined pressure, generating a vast venting area.


Under typical operating conditions, a PTFE insert is provided to create leakproof sealing between the vent and seat. A type with an additional spring-loaded vacuum valve that opens under negative pressure to safeguard the tank from any harm that may occur under vacuum circumstances is also available.


Why would a customer need an Emergency Vent? 

The emergency vent is a safety measure to provide relief in case of a storage tank fire or any abnormal pressure conditions.


The temperature in the storage tank rises at a specific level, the emergency vent is the only system that allows the required venting capacity and thus prevents storage tanks from bursting.


  • Prevents expensive storage tanks from bursting due to overpressure.
  • Operates effectively when relief capacity exceeds normal vent capacity
  • Custom-made emergency vent for diverse applications.
  • Large size vent allows access to the tank for regular cleaning and inspection
  • In some cases, an installing emergency is a legal requirement.


The emergency vent is far more advanced than the normal vent. By installing an Emergency vent you’re on the safer side. This safety mechanism is highly operative and safeguards people’s lives, property, and the environment against unwarranted crises.