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Everything You Need To Know About Rupture Discs?

Everything You Need To Know About Rupture Discs

What is a Rupture Disc?

Rupture discs are safety devices with a definite breaking point, which respond to a specific pressure and are used for pressure relief. The system is also known as pressure safety disc, burst disc, burst disc, or burst diaphragm. In many cases, these discs protect the pressure vessel from over-pressurization or potentially hazardous vacuum conditions. Originally it was a simple device but with growing industrial demands the rupture disc has evolved technically. The features of rupture discs are upgraded to match industry requirements such as alternating pressures, high process temperatures, and the increasing technological process. This system has an edge over electronic, pneumatic, and spring-loaded safety systems. The failsafe technology of the safety system makes them cost-effective and an integral part of safety measures in industrial sectors. The effective working of rupture discs depends on the quality of the material used and the manufacturing company.

Design Of Rupture Disc

Rupture discs are developed using any materials that the process fluid permits. In industrial unit rupture, discs are made from materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, Graphite, Aluminium, and Nickel alloy. The standard size ranges anywhere from 3 mm to 1200 mm according to the consumer’s needs. The disc consists of one or more flat or domed layers and are either round-shaped or square-shaped. Rupture discs are equipped with breaking points that are created using lasers. They could have simple cuts or special geometries. These cuts are the rupture elements of the disc.

Different applications require different types of rupture discs. The Domed pattern also comes with a broad range of possible combinations. For instance, plastic film is sandwiched between metal layers for triple section rupture disc to reach the lowest burst pressures.The materials used including coatings or plastic liners such as PTFE or EF all are designed as per the individual client’s requirements.

The Working Principle  Of Rupture Disc

Many industrial units install rupture discs and safety devices for safety reasons. When the rupture disc is triggered immediately signals receive the information. The simplest hack to achieve the purpose is tripping wire .fixed on the rupture disc and connected to the process control system. With the opening of the bursting disc, the wire ruptures, the circuit is interrupted and the triggering of the rupture disc is communicated to the process control system.

Installation Of Rupture Disc

Ruptured discs are installed directly between flanges, or inserted into a corresponding disc holder which is mounted between flanges. In some cases, the manufacturer supplies disc already soldered or welded into the holder. These holders are then fitted with the necessary connections For instance customer-specific thread connections, connection systems, or flanges.

Types Of Rupture Discs

Reverse-Acting Rupture Disc

Reverse-acting rupture discs are installed with the domed side of the disc facing the process. They function when pressure creates an instability in the dome causing reversal or buckling of the dome. In this system, rupture discs offer a high standard operating ratio with better vacuum resistance. These discs are more resistant and have a long life span.

Forward-Acting Rupture Disc

Forward-acting rupture disc the dome is faced away from the process. They function when the weakest portion of the disc exceeds the tensile strength. They have finite life at high operating processes as stresses are tensile in nature. The ability to support a vacuum is dependent on the diameter of the supporting dome, height, and material thickness.

Compact Rupture Disc

Compact discs are nominal pipe-size reverse-acting or forward-acting rupture discs that are adhesively bonded or soldered to the housing/holder. They function under an extreme range of temperatures and pressures. The compact disc is apt for all situations and has an indefinite shelf life, provided they are stored adequately.

Rupture discs are widely used in petrochemical, aerospace, aviation, defense, medical, nuclear, pharmaceuticals, and food processing among others.Contact your nearby  dealer to help you identify your needs and help them to design and install a ruptured disc exclusively for your business needs. Connect and collaborate.

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